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AS-Level students spent the half-term before Christmas doing an enterprise project to raise money for their chosen mental health charity, Get The Boys a Lift. They managed to raise £207.78 from the project and enjoyed meeting Gareth and Greg, from Get The Boys a Lift at the Mental Health March event to hear how their money is being put to good use.

During the Autumn term enterprise project, the students were given the opportunity to apply for different positions in their groups (e.g. Director of Finance) and then chose different products to manufacture. The students worked on marketing and producing the products during their group tutorials. Examples of products sold were things such as Christmas cards, hot chocolate reindeers, Christmas decorations and a Lucky Dip with the chance of winning a rugby ball signed by the Scarlets. Students created a rota and manned the stall over a period of two days. They worked hard to sell as many products as possible, wanting to raise as much as possible for Get The Boys a Lift.

“This activity was a great one to start our term with, as these students were all new to each other. It was a great opportunity to work as a team and be inspired by talking” Jo Tytler – Pastoral Coach.

“The whole process was enjoyable from start to finish. We were successful in planning, organising and participating in a project that included vital skills for our future careers. Moreover, we were able to help a good cause.” Michael Lewis – AS Level Student