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The UK Government has identified ‘food and drink’ as a priority sector, especially production and manufacturing. In response to this, Pembrokeshire College has invested heavily in a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) apprenticeship. The framework, which was development in consultation with many of the UK’s leading food manufacturers including Nestle, Mars and Dairy Partners, is like no other within the sector. The programme is a multi-skilled engineering qualification focusing on the multiple facets of food and drink including thermodynamics, welding technologies, automation and fluid power systems.

There are incentives available for small to medium sized businesses to hire young apprentices (currently £3,500, subject to eligibility). Companies who do not wish to hire 16-19 year-olds can still access the apprenticeship training free of charge. This three-year, one-day release per week apprenticeship, is also ideal for those companies wishing to upskill an existing workforce or to feed into a succession planning strategy.

Jane Sadler, HR Manager at Puffin Produce commented: “We’re delighted to be involved in shaping the new qualification in Food and Drink Engineering in conjunction with Pembrokeshire College. It is really important for the Food Industry as a whole that we continue to employ skilled and enthusiastic team members, and it is only through talking to the next generation and helping them understand the vast amount of opportunities available in the Food and Drink Industry that the industry will continue to thrive.”

The programme starts in September 2019 and is currently supported by Puffin Produce, Capestone Organic and First Milk. If you are looking to recruit, why not take advantage of pre-Brexit funding, don’t be the one crying over spilt milk get in touch today!

For further information call Hayley Williams, Curriculum Project Manager, 01437 753 347 OR email