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As part of the Speakers for Schools initiative, Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams visited Pembrokeshire College last week to talk about her experiences and achievements as well as sharing insights to inspire students.

On Thursday 14th March, Kirsty Williams addressed learners across a range of courses from engineering and computing to business and A-level Politics and History.

A Disglair+ event, Kirsty gave the students a personal viewpoint of the lessons she has learnt from life and her career so far.

Whilst the talk wasn’t politically focused, Kirsty began by highlighting the extent to which we are all affected by the decisions made by politicians; from the laws we have to abide by, to what is taught in the curriculum, environmental issues and youth services.

Kirsty explained how she had grown up in a household where politics and public affairs were hotly debated over Sunday lunch and it was this that had sparked her interest in government and politics. She went on to outline her career journey so far and the lessons she has learnt along the way encouraging students to take all the opportunities presented to them quoting the late Steve Jobs: “I always advise people – don’t wait! Do something when you are young, when you have nothing to lose, and keep that in mind.”

Before departing, Kirsty invited the students to ask questions to which there was a huge response, including: are you in favour of a more direct electoral system; what are your plans for improving mental health services for young people; what were your views on the coalition government; what is your opinion on tuition fees; what can be done to improve career opportunities for women in politics; what is your take on what is currently happening in Westminster; and what piece of advice would you give to your 18 year old self?

Kirsty answered all of the questions candidly and hopefully inspired students to realise that they have the power to make change happen.