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A Pembrokeshire College lecturer was recently involved in a project which brought science to life for over 300 A-level and vocational pupils from across Pembrokeshire and beyond.

Dr Valerie Morse, Senior Lecturer in Health Science at Pembrokeshire College used the marine organisms found in the Milford Haven Waterway to teach pupils about bioluminescence and fluorescence as part of the ‘Discovering Living Light’ project. The project aimed to use the natural marine life of the Haven Waterway to bring science to life and inspire pupils to want to become our next generation of scientists.

Run from 2015-2018, the project was funded by the Wellcome Trust and carried out by the Darwin Centre. As part of the workshops, pupils carried out hands-on experiments and developed an understanding of the medical applications of bioluminescence and fluorescence.

Following completion of the project Dr Valerie Morse commented: “It was great seeing the student’s faces light up when they saw the organisms moving under the microscope. Working in the living environment, as we did, truly made the whole learning experience more fun and engaging. I have loved science my whole life, and sharing that passion and knowledge with the local community was as fantastic as the project itself. Nothing quite captures the minds of students like glowing organisms that they can find on their doorstep!”