College COVID-19 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions & COVID-19 Updates

We are in unprecedented times and realise that you will have lots of questions. We don’t have all the answers but below is some information that you may find useful. We will keep this page updated as and when we receive new information.

Update for week commencing 22 February


Transport all buses with the exception of 205 Broadhaven and 263 Mathry via Camrose will be running as per normal.

Facilities on College site:

The canteen will be open. The shop and Starbucks will remain closed but confectionary can be purchased in the canteen.

ID badges:

Please make sure you bring your ID card as you will not be allowed on buses without them

Additional Information for Brickwork Learners - 17 February

From 22nd February we are able to re-open College for practical training and assessment (and E-Volve Exams).

To help us create more space for safe, socially distanced work spaces, Pembrokeshire College has temporarily moved all Bricklaying Practical Training and Assessment to Withybush Showground.

Most online lessons for full-time learners in Numeracy, Literacy, or Brickwork theory will continue to be delivered as they were before Christmas via Big Blue Button, but we have temporarily rented a large building at Withybush Showground to deliver practical sessions safely with 2m distancing at all times. The building at Withybush is approximately eight times the size of the brickwork area in Pembrokeshire College.

Here are some key details:


Those learners who rely on College buses will continue to do so. College buses will make a second drop off at Withybush after dropping off at Pembrokeshire College, with the reverse at the end of the day. There is ample parking at Withybush for those learners who drive on any given day.


A separate heated space, opposite the main workshop, is being prepared for learners to use in breaks and at lunchtime. This will have ample space for social distancing and includes toilet, washing and sanitising facilities.

The College’s caterers will be providing a limited service for lunch every day and those learners in receipt of free meals will access this for free (please bring your ID badge). There may be a small charge for other learners, and there is also a café on site run by a separate third party. Any learner needing to purchase food will need cash, there is no card or contactless facility at this time.

Support Services:

Student support, welfare, security, cleaning and Covid Marshalls will be visiting the site on a regular basis.

Health and Safety:

The same rules will apply to workshop activities as you are used to, plus the additional COVID precautions:

  • 2m distancing to be adhered to at all times by all learners
  • 3 ply masks to be worn at all times indoors. Learners can only remove masks whilst outdoors

We would like to reassure all learners that this is a temporary measure to allow as many learners as possible to complete their qualifications in a safe way, as soon as possible this year. We plan to return to main campus for September 2021.

Ariel view of Withybush

Withybush Attendance Details:

Course / Group
Attendance Details (All day unless stated)
Other Notes
Engagement Every Monday and every other Wednesday from 1 March
Level 1 Full Time Every Thursday from 25 February Online classes continue as before Xmas (Monday and Wednesday)
Level 2 Day Release year 1 Every Friday from 26 February
Level 2 Day Release/ Apprentices year 2 Every Tuesday from 23 February
Level 2 Full Time Every Wednesday AND Thursday from 24 February Those learners with written work will receive instructions from course tutor. Online skills sessions and tutorials will continue as before Xmas
Level 2 Maintenance Apprentices Every Tuesday from 23 February To complete Plastering/Decoration/Carpentry Repairs assessments
Level 3 Apprentices Every Friday from 26 February Changed from Wednesday to Friday

Phased re-opening from Monday 22 February

Following the Minister’s announcement there will be a phased re-opening of the College starting from Monday 22 February.

The first groups to be allowed back in for face-to-face sessions are those groups that need to develop practical skills so they can be assessed for licence to practice qualifications. This mostly applies to learners undertaking engineering, construction or hospitality/catering programmes.

Learners who will be allowed back to College as part of the phased return will be contacted directly with details. Please check your emails regularly and DO NOT attend College unless you have received an email from your Faculty asking you to do so.

The requirements for those returning to College from the 22 February will be as follows:

  • Strict 2m social distancing at all times
  • Face coverings must be worn in communal/public areas including toilets (apart from eating and drinking in designated areas)
  • Face coverings must be worn in workshops and practical areas (apart from during physical fitness work or assessments in the fitness suite)
  • In a classroom or office setting as long as 2m social distancing is maintained AND the room is adequately ventilated face coverings are not required
  • For any situation where 2m social distancing cannot be maintained a face covering must be worn by staff and students
  • Staff and students can choose to wear a face covering in classroom and office settings if this is their personal preference
  • All face coverings should be a minimum of 3-ply as recommended by the Work Health Organisation.

As soon as we are able to confirm the second phase of return to the College campus we will inform you.

Covid-19 Advice for Staff and Learners

Please do not attend College if you are symptomatic. You must self-isolate for 10 days from when your symptoms start. You must not return to College until your self-isolation period has ended.

Learners/staff and their households (and extended housholds) are advised to follow this advice by Hywel Dda University Health Board:

If a household member develops symptoms of COVID-19, the entire household should immediately self-isolate, and book a test for the individual with the symptoms. It is unnecessary to test the entire household if they are not symptomatic. The COVID-19 symptoms are:

  • a new continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • loss of or change to sense of smell or taste

Booking a COVID-19 test:

To reiterate, Hywel Dda recommends testing only for those with a new continuous cough, a high temperature, or loss of or change in the sense of taste or smell. If a COVID-19 test is required, this should be arranged via the UK Booking Portal or by ringing 119. Testing is available within Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion or via a home testing kit delivered to and collected from your home. The COVID-19 test is undertaken via a throat swab or combined throat and nose swab.

Hywel Dda is aware that some people are experiencing difficulty in accessing testing via these routes. If you have a problem, you can contact the Health Board on 0300 303 8322 and they will arrange testing for you.


It is essential that people who have COVID-19 symptoms, or who share a household with someone who has symptoms, must self-isolate, even if your symptoms are mild. To protect others, you must not attend school, college, nursery, other childcare settings, work, or go to or to places like a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

Anyone with symptoms must self-isolate for 10 days from when their symptoms started. They must not return to school, college or work after 10 days if they are well enough to do so.

Anyone in the household who does not have symptoms must self-isolate for 14 days from when the first person in the home started having symptoms.

If you receive a positive test result, you will be contacted by the Test, Trace, Protect Team who will advise you further.

If the test is negative, self-isolation can end for everyone, children may return to school, students can return to College and parents can return to work if they are well enough to do so and as long as nobody else in the household has developed symptoms.

Non-household members/contacts:

If a person has been in contact with an individual experiencing symptoms, they should carry on as normal until that individual receives their test result. If this is positive, the Test, Trace, Protect Team will contact those people identified as contacts and advise accordingly.

Exam & Assessment Questions

What’s happening with GCSE and AS/A-level assessment arrangements?

Update 31 March
Slides from A-level Learner & Parent Briefing on 25 March 2021


Update 4th March
Qualifications Wales have given more information about assessments in summer 2021 in their letter to learners (Welsh) which includes useful pictures to show more detail about the appeals process and the expected timeline for the summer assessment process.

Update 17 February

What is the difference between a Centre Assessed Grade (CAG) used in 19/20 and a Centre Determined Grade (CDG) used in 20/21?
Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) were allocated in the 19/20 academic year based on evidence of work students had already completed at the point of the March 2020 lockdown. It was a grade prediction on what students were likely to achieve had they had the opportunity to sit the summer examinations as normal.
A Centre Determined Grade (CDG) will be based on the assessment of the standards students are performing throughout the course of study, determined internally by the centre while following WJEC guidelines and internal standardisation procedures.

How will my Centre Determined Grade (CDG) be decided?
A Centre Determined Grade (CDG) will be based on the assessment of the standards students are performing throughout the course of study, determined internally by the centre while following WJEC guidelines and internal standardisation procedures. Your lecturers will use the guidance to determine your overall grade by considering your performance in a few assessments.

Who will award my grade?
Centres will determine the grades and will let WJEC know. WJEC will issue the certificates which will show grades as in other years.

Will my teacher make the final decision about my Centre Determined Grade?
Your lecturers will use the guidance to determine your overall grade by considering your performance in a few assessments. All formal assessments will be given a standard set of criteria against which the work will be marked. Lecturers will standardise marking to ensure it is fair and consistent in line with agreed processes. The final grade is a Centre Determined Grade not a Teacher Determined Grade.

What standardisation process will be applied this year to ensure that a consistent approach is being applied by the centre?
Lecturers will standardise marking to ensure it is fair and consistent in line with agreed processes. The final grade is a Centre Determined Grade not a Teacher Determined Grade.
WJEC will help centres with this process and will provide training.

Will the whole syllabus be delivered and assessed?
Centres will be able to choose the pieces of work that they use to inform their judgement. You will not be assessed on a topic that you have not had the opportunity to learn. Centres will share this information with you and the approach they will be taking to come to their final judgements about the grades you will receive.

What formal assessments will I need to complete?
Your lecturers will use the guidance to determine your overall grade by considering your performance in a few assessments. More detail will follow on assessment plans.

Will the formal assessments be like formal exams that have taken place before?
The formal assessments will not be like a formal exam taken at the same time throughout the country in silence under time constraints. Formal assessment will however be taken within a specific time period and will assess specific and identified learning outcomes identified by the Centre and to which you will be informed of prior to them being taken.

Will my attendance be part of the decision-making process for a CDG?
If you are not attending you are missing important content and explanations, and this will impact your ability to complete any assessment either formal or informal.

Will my extenuating circumstances be taken into consideration in deciding my CDG?
We are awaiting more information on this from WJEC but if you have any extenuating circumstances you must inform your Course tutor/Learner Coach so that they have this on record. If you have specific medical issues, then evidence will need to be supplied.

Will my ALN be taken into consideration in deciding my CDG?
Your ALN will be taken into consideration and all the normal systems will apply as is the case now. If you have not been assessed for ALN it is your responsibility to ask to be assessed by contacting the learning support team. Your tutor may also refer you for assessment if they think you need this.

How will Study Skills Advisors and Learning Support Assistants be used to help me this academic year (GCSEs)?
If you are having any difficulties with your learning, SSAs and LSAs are available to help you. However, they cannot specifically help you to do your homework if this homework is evidence for the CDG. They can provide you with examples and guide you but you must complete the homework yourself. If you are entitled to LSA support this will continue and LSAs will be given specific guidelines as to how they can support you.

What happens if I think my grade is wrong?
Centres will have processes in place to allow students to ask for a review of your grade if you think it if wrong and/or correct any factual errors. WJEC will be required to have a process which will allow for an appeal of a grade on the grounds of a procedural error.

On Tuesday 9 February 2021 Qualifications Wales have given an update on what is expected in relation to the arrangements for centre determined grades in summer 2021. Qualifications Wales have written a letter to learners about the process.

On Wednesday 20 January 2021 the Education Minister, Kirsty Williams, announced that “Learners in Wales studying for Qualifications Wales approved GCSE, AS and A levels this year will receive grades determined by their school or college, based on work they have completed over their course.”

We’ve pulled together the key information:

We are sure that you will have many questions around this announcement so please be assured that we are working to obtain the answers and will share them with you as soon as possible.

On Friday 8th January 2021 the First Minister has announced an extended lockdown period and due to this the internal assessments that were due to take place between 22nd February and 23rd April have been cancelled.

  • The latest announcement from Qualifications Wales regarding the cancelled internal assessments can be seen here.
  • The WJEC response can be seen here
  • Further information about the extended lockdown period can be found here
  • Qualifications Wales / FAQs

We await more detailed information about revised arrangements and will keep you up to date.

What’s happening with vocational assessment arrangements?

Update 14/03/21

Pearson have outlined their overarching approach for awarding BTEC qualifications this summer. Learners due to finish their qualification in summer 2021 will be in scope for alternative arrangements, which they are referring to as a ‘qualification level teacher assessed grade (QTAG’). Arrangements for learners who are ‘mid-flight’, i.e. due to certificate next summer, will differ. We are currently awaiting further detail from Pearson about how we implement this, and we expect this to come through at the end of March. The message from Pearson is for schools and colleges continue to deliver internal assessment in order to produce evidence of achievement. You can access further information here Teaching and learning support in 2020 | Pearson qualifications

The University of the Arts London (UAL) have outlined their overarching approach for awarding their qualifications this summer. Learners due to finish their qualification in summer 2021 will be in scope for alternative arrangements, namely a teacher assessed grade (TAG). The message from UAL is to continue to produce evidence and final major projects. You can access further information here Results 2021 – update from Ofqual and Department for Education | UAL (

Qualifications Wales have written a letter to learners to give information about vocational assessments in summer 2021. We are awaiting further information from awarding bodies and will continue to keep you updated when we receive more information.

External assessments for BTec will be replaced with alternative arrangements and we will keep you updated. If you are studying a BTEC access learner updates here FE college students and parents | Pearson UK

If you are studying health and social care your faculty team will be in touch about any adaptations to arrangements that affect your programme.

General Questions

What IT kit will I need for home study?

To be able to study effectively online you will need access to IT resources such as a good laptop and internet access. Below is an outline of the type of laptop you will need (specialist resources such as Macs and software such as CAD and computer programming will be accessed when you are in College). We know that not everyone has access to their own laptop or reliable internet, so please make contact with us as soon as possible if this will be a problem so we can work together on finding a solution.

Once you are enrolled and have an active IT account you will be able to install the Microsoft Office suite for free, on suitable devices.

With social distancing likely to be in place for some time, the ability to be able to access learning resources from home is really important.

What if I need financial support for online access?

If you need financial support for online learning you may be eligible to receive some funding from the Financial Contingency Fund (FCF).

Here are some common issues and possible solutions.

Issue Reason Suggested Solution
Slow internet speeds One of the most obvious causes of slow internet speeds is being too far from the router or access point. This is because the further you are from the router, the more unreliable the connection will be. To fix this problem, simply move closer to the router. If the router is located in a different room or on a different side of the house, try working from that area and see if that fixes the issue.

Try to position the router higher (for example, up on a shelf), away from other devices that could interfere with its connection, and in a central location in the office without any obstructions. Having objects and materials such as metal, stone, brick, or glass between your computers and the router can interfere with your signal.

Insufficient Bandwidth Another common cause of internet connection problem is a lack of bandwidth. Bandwidth is a measure of how much data can be transmitted through your internet “pipeline” per second. This means that if you have a small pipeline and are trying to stream a video in HD (an activity that requires a lot of data), your internet speeds may slow down because your pipeline isn’t big enough to funnel all that data at once. A larger internet pipeline would allow more data to funnel through at one time, resulting in a faster connection. Having too many devices can bog down your bandwidth, so disconnect any that you aren’t actively using. Malware can also take up your bandwidth (plus put your data at risk), so you’ll want to regularly scan your system for viruses so they can be identified and handled as quickly as possible.

To test your bandwidth locate yourself close to your broadband box using the following website –

After repositioning yourself or your router and testing the speed:

Issue Suggested Solution One off Cost Ongoing Costs
You have access to Broadband but the upload speed is below 8Mbps, then this suggests there is more likely to be an issue with the broadband speed rather than poor wireless signal in the house. Contact your broadband provider who may be able to offer a solution or upgrade.

There is also a government grant scheme which pays for superfast broadband to be installed in houses that have insufficient broadband speed;

To be confirmed by broadband provider To be confirmed by broadband provider
If you have access to Broadband and the upload speed is above 8Mbps when you run a bandwidth test the you could use a Wi-Fi Extender Booster. Wi-Fi Extender Booster & Powerline Kit:


**TP-LINK 300M Wi-Fi Extender Booster & 600MBPS Powerline Kit

This Wi-Fi Extender booster is unlikely to help if your broadband download speed is below 8Mbps.

Approx £50 None
No access to Broadband at home but you have a smartphone with Data Access Purchase additional data and tether your laptop/device to the additional data on your mobile phone. None Monthly £10 to £40 dependant on data requirement.
No access to Broadband at home and no access to a smartphone Purchase of a ‘Data Dongle’


**Vodafone RG219 4G 15GB Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Preloaded with mobile data – expires within 90 days

Approx £50 Approx £25 for 15GB data – expires within 90 days

** – Links to websites are shown as examples of equipment that can be purchased.

Email for further information or to receive an FCF application.

Is the canteen and shop going to be open?

There will be catering on site for all learners on a ‘Grab and Go’ basis.

Opening Times

The Canteen/Refectory: 08:30 – 14:15

Shop (Little Fresh): 08:30 – 16:00

Starbucks: 08:30 – 14:15

Coffee Shop (F1 corridor): 11:00 – 14:30

TIC Pop-up: 11:00 – 14:30

Is the Learning Resource Centre (Library) going to be open?

The Learning Resource Centre will be open and available for learners to use with social distancing measures in place.

Will the support services still be available?

Yes, all support services including the learning coaches, youth worker, counsellor, nurse, guidance and Employment Bureau will be operating and available for learners to access.

Will the Salons, Gym & Restaurant be open to the public?

The Salons, Gym & Restaurant are still currently closed to the public. We are hoping we will be able to open them in the coming months.

Is Bright Start Nursery open?

The nursery will be fully open from 1st September, please contact them directly for more information on 01437 753153

General advice about COVID-19 and useful links

The situation is continually changing. Learners should regularly check the following websites for the latest updates and guidance:

Useful Links

College Calendar

Latest Bus Timetable

Parent/Carers Guide

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