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Pembrokeshire College offers a wide range of online training courses through our LearnOnline department.

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Matthew Norman

eLearning Officer
Phone: 01437 753 191

Cesca Ventris Field

eLearning Officer
Phone: 01437 753 490

You can view the full range of online courses by visiting the LearnOnline website

Exam Centre Notification

Please note: We are unable to accept new entries in lieu of exams taking place in Summer 2020. We wish everyone the best of luck during these unprecedented times.

A Levels: LearnOnline Courses

A levels are academic qualifications offered by educational institutions to students completing secondary or pre-university education right across the UK.
These courses that we offer are for those wishing to take their exams in the UK.

Biology A-levels

Business A-levels

Chemistry A-levels

Computer Science A-levels

Economics A-levels

English Language A-levels

English Literature A-levels

Film Studies A-levels

Geography A-levels

History A-levels

Modern Foreign Language A-levels

Mathematics A-levels

Philosophy A-levels

Physics A-levels

Psychology A-levels

IGCSEs: LearnOnline Courses

In modern society, students need more than just ‘knowledge’ to be successful. It’s not enough to learn facts and methods. It’s about knowing when and how to apply the knowledge and methods, about having the mental dexterity to deal with the unexpected, about being able to think through a problem. These skills will be crucial in the exam, it is not just about knowledge..skills are important too!

It’s likely you have heard about these skills before: skills like problem-solving, independent research, critical-thinking, time-management, team-working, self-directed study, self-awareness and time-management. We refer to them as ‘transferable skills’ because they can be transferred to different context (which may or may not be part of a formal study programme) than that in which they are learnt. These skills, taken together, act like a ‘How to learn’ toolkit that enable a person to go on learning, and to learn different kinds of things in different environments and help in preparation for further study or employment.

LiveSchool is the latest innovation in distance learning from Pembrokeshire College. We have been delivering online distance learning since 2011 and have spent the last 24 months developing LiveSchool in association with a number of schools, colleges and Home Education groups.

LiveSchool allows you to access the latest high quality education without needing to attend school or college; all learning is accessed using your computer and an internet connection. LiveSchool lessons are timetabled tutor led sessions requiring you to attend online at the same time each week. Sessions are recorded allowing you to revisit them at anytime which is especially useful for revision.

LiveSchool IGCSE: Online Courses

LiveSchool A-Levels: Online Courses

Accounting: Online Courses

Business: Online Courses

Computing & IT: Online Courses

Education: Online Courses

Health & Safety: Online Courses

Hospitality: Online Courses

Languages: Online Courses

Online Degrees

Pembrokeshire College are currently developing a range of online degrees allowing you to complete your studies at your own pace from anywhere with an internet connection.

If you would be interested in receiving some more information about our online degree courses, please complete the form below.

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