We would like to extend a warm welcome to all parents, carers and guardians of young people studying, or hoping to study, at Pembrokeshire College. For many young people, the College means making a new start, meeting new people and facing new challenges. As a College, we are committed to supporting our students throughout their time here, and we value our relationship with their parents, guardians and carers. For more information please have a look at our Parent and Carers Guide.


All new students receive an admissions interview, which parents are welcome to attend. Details of past achievements and future aims will be recorded at the interview and is available for the tutor and student at the start of term. During the first week at College, all first year students attend a comprehensive induction programme that will help them become successful learners and make the most of their life at College. The induction programme includes details of the tutorial system, timetable, the College rules and discipline, the library and resource centre, computer facilities, course content and how it is assessed, careers information and routes, the UCAS (university) entrance process and student support.

Students have two tutors: a class tutor and a personal tutor. Each student regularly meets their personal tutor on a one-to-one basis. These meetings monitor attendance and progress, and set targets. A copy of the agreed outcomes are held by both tutor and student and act as a steering and monitoring device prior to the following meeting.


The College is a disciplined environment where staff and students adhere to an agreed code of conduct. The College fosters an atmosphere of continuous personal and professional development. We expect all our staff and students to be treated with respect. All students are aware that discipline is an essential priority and a pre-requisite for high standards of work, behaviour and results. Students are engaged in the process of developing behavioural standards. There is a clear disciplinary procedure with an ultimate sanction of exclusion if this is contravened.

Proof that this policy works can be seen by the absence of graffiti or damage to College property. Staff and students are proud of the College’s modern, clean, well-lit, spacious environment. Students wear appropriate clothing according to the course they are on, and while the College does not enforce a uniform, students are encouraged to develop a mature attitude to their appearance.

Parent – Tutor Communication

We believe parents have a vital part to play in ensuring their children do well at the College. We ask parents to support their children by ensuring that their children remain punctual; regularly discuss College life and work; stay in touch with their tutors and highlight anything they think might be affecting their children’s studies.

We aim to keep the parents of our students as well informed as we can about their progress through parents evenings, letters and regular reports. We are always happy to answer parents’ queries and concerns and parents are welcome to contact their tutors to discuss any concerns at any time. We recognise and welcome the contribution parents can make to their children’s success. We constantly monitor student progress, attendance, motivation and general wellbeing. Based on this monitoring, we periodically produce a detailed report for each subject studied and send it directly to the parent or guardian, not the student. In addition, once a year we organise a Parents’ Evening where parents have the opportunity to speak to tutors. Students over 18 receive their reports directly.

“I feel I know all my daughter’s tutors and have been offered the opportunity to discuss her progress with them regularly. The level of support offered to students is exemplary, which means that issues never become problems and students feel secure in their learning and development.”

Fiona Phillips, mother of a former A-Level student.

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