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Pembrokeshire College recently welcomed the Shadow Minister for Education, Suzy Davies and Policy and Communications Officer, Craig Lawton for an inside tour of the facilities available to students.

A presentation was given by the College Principal, Dr Barry Walters where topics for discussion included post 16 education in Pembrokeshire, performance and developments. Following this introduction to the College, the Shadow Minister and the Policy and Communications Officer we taken on a guided tour to see the Employment Bureau, the learning resource area and the new CAMPUS6 development.

Following the tour, the two guests met Charlie Marsh a current A-level student and Student Governor at the College, and Health and Social Care student and Learner Voice Co-ordinator Bethany Roberts. Both students were given the opportunity to discuss their roles and course studies.

Bethany enjoyed meeting the Shadow Minister and felt it was a great opportunity to promote the current influential work that is happening within the College.

“I really want to make a difference during my time here not only as a student but also as Learner Voice Co-ordinator where it is my role to represent the students at the College and put across their views and ideas for change. Being a student alongside this role allows me to see College in a whole different perspective. My goal is to keep College moving forward in a positive way.”

The Shadow Minister for Education and the Policy and Communications Officer were impressed with the facilities available to students across the campus.