Welcome to Pembrokeshire College Online

Established in 2011,  Pembrokeshire College Online delivers UK curriculum courses for IGCSE and A-level provision.

Each year many of students choose to study their IGCSE and A-level qualifications online with us. We are able to offer an individualised learning experience with maximum class sizes of eight learners.

Every Pembrokeshire College Online lesson involves interaction, our learners are involved in the lesson and there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Homework assignments are set each week, allowing each of our teachers to assess and support each and every one of our students with their IGCSE or A-level studies.

All lessons are recorded, allowing our students the ability to review any lesson from their learning dashboard. They can pause, rewind and replay as many times as needed – this is incredibly useful as part of a revision plan when preparing for exams.


Class Sizes

Pembrokeshire College Online has been developed to enable students across the UK to access high quality education from the comfort of home.

Our experience of classroom teaching has shown that the more access each student has to their teacher, the better their learning experience. With this in mind, our online lessons have been designed specifically to be taught to a class of only 8 students.

Online Classroom

Pembrokeshire College Online has been designed to work in a similar way to a standard school or college – with the main difference being that the classroom is online rather than in a physical building, reducing the need to travel.

With nearly 30 years of experience delivering learning in the classroom, and over 10 years of online delivery experience too, the team at Pembrokeshire College used our extensive experience to build the best online learning environment for our students.

Our lessons are timetabled each week during term time (so you still get to enjoy the holidays) and students are expected to attend the online lesson and be prepared and ready to work!

Our Teachers

Pembrokeshire College Online teachers have extensive experience of teaching in the classroom and online.



Matthew Norman

Learning Coordinator
Phone: 01437 703 490

Cesca Ventris Field

Learning Coordinator
Phone: 01437 703 490

Sophie Milkins

Learning Coordinator
Phone: 01437 703 490