Pembrokeshire College Online offers a non selective independent UK education for IGCSE (typically Years 10 & 11) and A-level (typically Years 12 & 13).

To find out more about Pembrokeshire College Online, please call us on 01437 701 490 or send us an email Our Admissions Team are on hand to answer any questions you may have as well as offer some advice and guidance into how to manage your child’s education with Pembrokeshire College Online.

There are no formal entry requirements to join Pembrokeshire College Online’s IGCSE programme, each student is considered based on their individual strengths and attendance in a formal education setting prior to joining us is not essential. There are some entry requirements for our A-level subjects which can be discussed during the application stage, however each student will be assessed based on their individual needs.

Pembrokeshire College Online class sizes are capped at a maximum of 8 students to ensure every child enjoys an immersive learning experience with ample opportunity to get involved with each lesson and interact with their teacher. For this reason, places at Pembrokeshire College Online are limited and are allocated on a first come first served basis, to register your interest or for more information, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Fees  – Please note these are subject to change


6 core subjects over a 2 year study programme selected from:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Total fee for 6 subjects (2 year programme) £4,500

Total fee for individual subject (2 year study programme) £750

All fees are payable in advance on or before the first day of term – payment plans available, please see below for details

A-level Fees

3 core subjects over a 2 year study programme selected from:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Total fee for 3  subjects (2 year programme) £6,750

Total fee for individual subject (2 year programme) £2250

All fees are payable in advance on or before the first day of term – payment plans available, please see below for details

IGCSE Payment Plans

6 IGCSE study package £4,500
Deposit £900
12 monthly payments £300

Single IGCSE study package £750
Deposit £187.50
5 monthly payments £112.50

A-level Payment Plans

3 A-level study package £6,750
Deposit £1,350
12 monthly payments £450

Single A-level £2,250
Deposit £562.50
5 monthly payments £397.50

If you have any questions or would like some more information, please use the form below to contact us.

    Terms & Conditions

    What it means to study with Pembrokeshire College Online

    Pembrokeshire College Online offer a range of live online IGCSE and A-level courses.

    These courses follow the awarding body specifications to offer a complete study programme with teacher set and marked homework assignments throughout, which include feedback and support via the online learning platform.


    Each subject includes timetabled live online lessons at a set time each week. Learners are expected to either attend these lessons live or watch the available recordings in a timely manner and submit any homework set in each lesson.

    Learners are expected to set their own study timetable to complete homework and prepare for upcoming lessons. Teachers will not chase learners to submit work. To receive the best support


    If work is submitted that is not 100% the learner’s, this could be considered plagiarised.

    Pembrokeshire College Online is able to refuse to use that work when predicting grades or calculating assessed grades.

    It is in the learner’s best interest to submit their own work. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions the learner agrees to submit their own work unless agreed otherwise with the Pembrokeshire College Online Team.

    Breach of this term may result in further action taken with the Pembrokeshire College Quality Team.


    Pembrokeshire College Online learners can enrol at any age. If the learner is under 18 they must notify the Admin Team of a parent/guardian/teacher who can act as a mentor for the duration of their studies.

    Mentors receive a separate login to the online learning platform where they can view the learner’s progress and contact teachers directly (online). Mentors will also receive the notifications sent via the platform and copied in on administration emails from the Admin Team.

    Mentors will not have access to the course itself.

    Mentors are expected to support the learner with timetabling their studies, progress and exam booking and administration.


    Included in the IGCSE and A-level courses are textbooks, which are provided to the learner as part of the enrolment procedure. If the learner is outside of the UK, we will arrange and pay for the shipment of these books, however some countries add an additional import tax, which is not covered by the course fee and is the recipient’s responsibility to pay.

    Additional Resources

    With some courses there may be additional resources or books suggested that are not included within the course fee.


    Learners are expected to find an exam centre of their choosing, book and pay for their own exams. We strongly recommend finding a centre as close to home as possible.

    If the course includes a Non-Exam Assessment, Pembrokeshire College will enter the learner with the examination board, however, you have the option to complete your written exams at a centre of your choosing under the Transferred Candidate Option. The Transfer Entry fee is not included in your course fee


    A-level learners only. Pembrokeshire College Online can support learners with subject references and predicted grades for standard January applications. Should the student require additional UCAS support, including for medical, veterinary, dentistry, or Oxbridge applications, the learner will be required to pay for the additional Pembrokeshire College UCAS Team support.

    For all UCAS requests the learner must complete at least 75% of their homework by the UCAS application deadline and the teacher(s) must be confident the work is the learner’s own submissions.

    Pembrokeshire College Online reserve the right to not provide a subject reference if we are not confident with the learner’s work.

    Predicted Grades for IGCSE learners

    IGCSE learners only. Predicted grades for college applications are not included in the IGCSE course fee. Tutors rely on the learner’s work to see their potential grade in exams. Depending on when the learner starts and when the prediction is requested, it is not always possible to do this based on the learner’s work.   

    If a learner has submitted more than 50% of their tutor marked assignments by the predicted grade request date, we can provide a percentage and overview of the learner’s work to date. This will not be a predicted grade, but should give indication of the learner’s work to date.   

    Alternatively, the learner can request to complete a set of mock exam papers, which will be an additional cost to the course fee. You must give us 4 weeks’ notice to provide papers and the tutor to mark them. 

    LearnOnline always recommend exam papers are sat in as close to exam conditions as possible, if the learners use textbooks, mark schemes or the internet to help answer the questions the grade will not be accurate, LearnOnline cannot take responsibility for a different grade when exams are sat.  

    Practical Endorsements

    Pembrokeshire College Online and BioGrad work in partnership on a referral agreement. When you enrol to the practical endorsement, your details are passed onto BioGrad to secure a booking. Once the referral takes place the agreement is between the learner and BioGrad, dates and bookings arranged directly with BioGrad.

    Fees Policy

    View full fees policy here.

    Payment Plans

    Learners can select to pay for their courses to be paid on a payment plan. To enrol onto the course a 25% deposit will be paid via the website. 

    A payment plan will be completed as part of the enrolment form, which will be given to Pembrokeshire College Finance Team to issue a Direct Debit form in the post with the request to send back within 1 week of receipt. 

    The payment plan will ask for the remaining balance to be spread across 5 equal payments, which are to be paid via Direct Debit on the 1st of each month following on from the month the deposit was made. 

    If you wish to purchase more than one course there may be bundle prices available or longer instalment payments. Please request this at enquiry stage. 

    Failure to return the paperwork or make payments will result in the learner’s account being suspended.  

    Personal Data

    As a Pembrokeshire College Online learner, we will store some personal data in a secure location. This information will not be shared with third parties and will not be used for anything other than to contact the learner directly in relation to the course(s). This information will be deleted from our system completely 3 years after the learner has completed the course.

    Contact Information

    • Pembrokeshire College Administration Team
    • Tel: 01437 701 490
    • Email: