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Pembrokeshire College year one Performing Arts students have recently been performing The Crime of Your Life at secondary schools across the county as part of a two-week crime prevention campaign with Dyfed Powys Police.

The Crime of Your Life production is a gritty tale that follows Sebrina Spencer, a moody, stubborn teen who goes down the wrong path and ends up in a life of crime. From petty theft to arson, she takes on the law, all whilst losing the most important things in her life. Her continuous downward spiral results in her winning the world’s worst game show, “The Crime of Your Life.”

Students were tasked with the responsibility of organising the performance and production aspects of the show. With the cast and production teams working together, rig lighting was installed, the set was assembled and props were in place ready to perform in front of year seven-year groups.

Holly Mayhew, who primarily plays a Police Officer in the production, explained how much she has valued the experience of being on the road with her peers over the last two weeks; “The past couple of weeks have really tested my skills both as a performer and production team member. A lot of hard work goes into the setup and successful execution of the show. Our aim has not only been to just entertain the learners but also educate them into making a difference as well as get them thinking about the consequences negative actions and words can have on others and themselves.”

Simon Haslam, Performing Arts lecturer at the college commented on how proud he was of the students; “This production is valuable to the various agencies involved, however the experience that the students gain from touring to nine different school venues over a two-week period is invaluable. Most actors will start their careers touring out of the back of a transit van. This tour gives our students a valuable head start and opens their eyes to the problems of touring. It also forces them to come up with bespoke on the spot solutions in each venue. Most importantly the students performed very well and it was a pleasure to witness them collaborate and support one another when facing any challenges along the way.”

The cast and production team closed their tour by performing a back to back production in the Merlin Theatre which was open to the general public.