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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year we will be operating a Drive-Thru for collection of results. You may also collect on foot but please only bring one other person with you. The following results will be available to collect via the Drive-Thru. Results for all other courses will be posted directly to learners as soon as they are received by the College.

  • AS Results: 9:30am – 12noon
  • A2 Results: 8:00am – 12noon
  • Applied Science (Year 1): 9:30am – 12noon
  • Applied Science (Year 2): 8:00am – 12noon
  • Level 3 UAL Art Courses (Year 1): 9:30am – 12noon
  • Level 3 UAL Art Courses (Year 2): 8:00am – 12noon


Please do not attend the Drive-Thru unless your course is one of those listed above as your results will not be available to collect.

Any of the results not collected by 12noon will be posted.

Good Luck!