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They might be more tech savvy than their parents and grandparents but in the rapidly changing digital world there’s always something new to learn as Pembrokeshire College students found out during a recent visit from a Google trainer.

As the digital age infiltrates all aspects of our daily lives, Google has set out to help communities to understand the changes and to bridge the gap between the old ways of doing things and the new tech savvy approach. With 72 hours of YouTube video being uploaded every 60 seconds and an estimated 40 billion gadgets being connected to the internet by 2020, in this hyper-connected age nothing is standing still.

With students at the forefront of the digital revolution, as part of the Google Digital Garage series of workshops, students studying across all curriculum areas had the opportunity to attend sessions including ‘Build your personal brand online’, ‘Safety first: protect yourself online’ and ‘Self promotion skills – #IamRemarkable’.

Of particular interest to students was how to brand themselves online and how to make sure that the image they are portraying online is one that fits with their future university and career aspirations. Students looking to start their own business were keen to find out how to make their brand stand out and how to attract customers. While in the online safety sessions students find out some of the tactics that fraudsters are using to steal their data and what they can do to protect themselves.

The day finished with #IamRemarkable. Despite a world population of almost 8 billion people, #IamRemarkable made learners realise that they are each individual and have the potential to go on to do things that will make them unique and remarkable.