For information on the following key college documents relating to our policies and plans, click on the attachments below.

Admissions Policy – This policy applies to all course applications and enquiries.

Anti-bullying Policy – Outlines what the College will do to prevent and take bullying.

Careers Advice And Guidance Policy – This purpose of this policy is to provide an impartial guidance service.

Code of Ethical Employment Practices in Supply Chains – The College is committed to ensuring a high standard of ethical and environmental trade practices, including the provision of safe working conditions and the protection of workers’ rights, across its supply chain.

Communication Policy – This document sets out the College’s procedures for communication by and between staff.

Complaints Policy – This policy covers complaints from students, parents, employers and members of the public.

Customer Care Policy – When dealing with customers (either internal or external) all staff are expected to adopt a positive, friendly attitude at all times. Outlined in the attached are the College’s expectations of staff in dealing with customers.

Data Access and Protection Policy – This is designed to provide guidance on specific issues regarding to data access and protection.

Equality and Diversity Policy – The College encourages, celebrates and values diversity within the workforce and learner population.

Examinations Guidance – This policy covers all forms of internal and externally assessed examinations and testing administered by the College.

Examination Policy – This policy is to ensure the exam planning and management is conducted efficiently and in the best interest of candidates and the operation of the exam system.
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Fee Policy – This outlines the approach to the charging of tuition and associated fees to students and users of College services.

Fitness to Study Policy – Fitness to study relates to an individual’s capacity to engage satisfactorily as a student, including in relation to academic matters and life generally at the College.

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme – This document provides details of the publication scheme adopted at Pembrokeshire College in order to fulfil its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Health & Safety Policy – Statement of Intent
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Safeguarding Policy – The College’s Safeguarding Policy recognises the College’s duty of care to safeguard our learning community and to ensure that within the College setting safeguarding is recognised as everyone’s business and a core responsibility.

Skills Policy – policy describes the tracking, monitoring and support strategies inherent in the management of learners through their learner programme.

Student Attendance and Withdrawal Policy – The aims of this Policy are, to enable all absences to be fairly and consistently dealt with at Pembrokeshire College. As well as to monitor and improve the attendance of all students.

Student Disciplinary Policy – The purpose of this policy is to provide an appropriate behavioural and academic Disciplinary Policy recognising the need to provide fair and appropriate guidance in relation to student discipline.

Student Financial Support Policy– An overarching procedure regarding financial support of students.

Substance Misuse Policy – The purpose of this policy is to contribute towards the College’s aim to provide a safe and secure environment for its learners and staff.

Sustainable Development Policy – This is the governing document for environmental management and performance.

Student Transport Policy – This sets out the entitlement of students to have funded transport to and from College.

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Welsh Language Policy – This  policy  outlines  the  College’s  commitment  to  fulfilling  this  vision  and  contributing  towards  Welsh Government’s target of a million Welsh speakers by 2050.  It also outlines the way in which the  College  will operate in  compliance  with  the  requirements of the Welsh Language Standards.
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