Welsh Language Standards

Since 1 April 2018, Pembrokeshire College has committed to comply with the Welsh Language Standards, as set out by the Welsh Government under Section 44 of the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011.

The Standards are a set of legally binding requirements that aim to improve the bilingual service that the people of Wales can expect to receive from a number of public and statutory bodies, including universities and colleges.

What are the Welsh Language Standards?

Standards explain how organisations are expected to use the Welsh language in different situations.

The duties which come from the Standards mean that organisations should not treat the Welsh language less favourably than the English language, together with promoting and facilitating the use of the Welsh language (making it easier for people to use in their day-to-day-life).

Pembrokeshire College is required to comply with the following Standards:

  • Service Delivery
  • Policy Making
  • Operational
  • Record Keeping

Standards aim to:

  • make it clear to organisations what their duties are in relation to the Welsh language
  • make it clearer to Welsh speakers about the services they can expect to receive in Welsh
  • make Welsh language services more consistent and improve their quality.

The Standards that are relevant to Pembrokeshire College are listed within the Compliance Notification issued by Welsh Language Commissioner available in Welsh or English

The College has produced its annual report on the implementation of its Welsh Language Standards for the period covering 1 August 2019– 31 July 2020 and is available in Welsh or English

Complaints, compliments and comments 

Pembrokeshire College is committed to complying with the Welsh Language Standards and supports the right of our learners, staff and the public to use the Welsh language in their dealings with the College.

We welcome comments of all kinds, whether they are complaints or compliments, so that we are able to learn from any shortcomings and ensure that we recognise and share good practice.

A copy of the complaints procedure in relation to the Standards or any other aspect relating to the Welsh language is available in Welsh or English.

For further information …

If you have any questions or would like further information on the College’s Welsh Language Standards, please contact the Welsh Language Development Officer:    01437 753435    ja.morgan@pembrokeshire.ac.uk