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Former Pembrokeshire College Fashion and Textiles student Kitty Tindall has put the skills she learnt on her course to good use through her Vitamin Sea line of branded clothing.

Created whilst she was studying in Pembrokeshire College, Kitty re-launched the clothing brand almost 18 months ago whilst studying Fashion Journalism at Cardiff University.

Kitty’s vision for the brand is to raise awareness of mental health through fashion-based merchandise. Specialising in gender neutral clothing lines such as hoodies, t-shirts, beanie’s, tote bags, phone cases and more, the brand was inspired by surf and beach culture in and around Pembrokeshire. It’s main aim, through illustrative design work, is to show visually how the sea can help mental health and show how the sea can act as a vitamin for our body and soul.

The brand is based on the knowledge that the sea has been proven to help improve mental health in many ways; the sea has a direct physical impact on our mood and stress levels as the sea causes our brains to produce Alpha, Theta and Delta waves – the brain waves we produce when we are dreaming. These brain waves are incorporated into the illustrative designs of the clothing.

Kitty is passionate about the brand and commented: “Our aim is to draw awareness to and highlight the health benefits of the sea, by visually communicating its impact through our designs. We want to encourage and promote the positive impact the sea can have on our mental health.”