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Julia Davies, Work Welsh Learner at Pembrokeshire College receives ‘High Praise’

Where do you come from originally?

I come from Wolverhampton originally but now live in Pembroke.

Since when have you been learning Welsh?

I have been learning on and off since 1993 but had lost my confidence as I didn’t have a chance to use it until I decided to start the ‘Cymraeg Gwaith’-Work Welsh scheme in September 2019.

Where do you learn Welsh?

I’m learning Welsh at Pembrokeshire College and studying the ‘Cwrs Mynediad’-Entry level and attend weekly 1-1 sessions with my wonderful tutor Helen Thomas.

Where and when do you use your Welsh?

I use my Welsh in my role as officer for Health and Safety and the environment at Pembrokeshire College and greet my colleagues in Welsh and try to use my Welsh whilst writing emails. I have collaborated with the workshop technicians in creating bilingual Health and Safety signage and have lead sessions with the students bilingually.

How does it feel to receive ‘High Praise’ from the judging panel at the National Work Welsh Awards 2020?

I am delighted to receive ‘High Praise’ and this has certainly inspired me to continue to learn Welsh. I would like to thank my tutor Helen Thomas, my line manager Emma James for letting me attend classes and to Janice Morgan and Lisa O’Connor for their support.

Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about learning Welsh?

I’d definitely say give it a go and try and make Welsh part of your daily life. It’s certainly a very valuable skill to have especially in the workplace.