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A-level student Lia Storm, has recently helped a local author bring her books to life through her distinctive illustration skills.

Lia who currently studies A-levels in Art, Drama and English at Pembrokeshire College explained how she has always had a keen interest in art and how she often draws in her spare time, “I love being creative and have always doodled, however over the past few years I have taken my skills further by producing digital illustrations.”

The book titled “Sliced Tongue and Pearl Cufflinks” written by Lia’s mum Kittie Belltree, is a book that explores broken connections of self, family and home.

Lia was asked by her mum to design the front cover and began generating ideas back in April. Lia used Pinterest to create a mood board for ideas and worked alongside her mum on a design.

Lia explained what inspired her to create the artwork, “I drew a picture of Wednesday Adams which mum really liked and thought it would be clever to incorporate something similar within the illustration. I also wanted to create a clever way to portray the title of the book, so combining the two came naturally. The sliced tongue is portrayed with a snake because for obvious reasons their tongues are split or in the title of the book’s case, ‘sliced.’ With the book exploring dark times in life I also wanted the book to have that almost haunting look and feel about it.”

Publishers of the book, Parthian Books published the book in October 2019 and were so blown away by Lia’s creative skills they immediately approached her to design the cover of another book called ‘Heartland,’ which was also published in October 2019, which is a collection of short poems.

Lia explained how overwhelmed she is still feeling that her artwork has been used by the publisher. “It still hasn’t sunk in that my artwork has been published and will be in the public eye. Both books are beautiful in their own right and the fact that Parthian Books liked my style of illustrating has real improved my confidence. Art is such a big part of who I am. I am using my studies to expand my skills and explore different types of creative media in hope of one day starting up my own business and becoming a Multi-Media Artist. I am really excited for what the future holds!”

Emma Lippiett, Curriculum Area Manager for the A-level department expressed how influential Lia is, “Lia has made an excellent start to her A-Level study at Pembrokeshire College. Her subject tutors have all praised the enthusiasm she puts into her work and have credited her creativity for her progress in English, Art and Drama. Leah is a real credit to us and should be proud of what she has achieved. We look forward to seeing Leah’s next piece of artwork brought to life.”

Lia is currently working on developing her creative skills across a board spectrum in the hope of pursing her career aspirations.