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Apprentice donates the gift of life

Headshot of Samuel.

Food and Drink Engineering Apprentice Samuel Davies recently became a successful Stem Cell Donor through the Anthony Nolan Charity.

Founded in 1974 the Anthony Nolan Charity offers a second chance of life via stem cell donation.

Samuel signed up to the Anthony Nolan stem cell register when he was seventeen after seeing an advertisement. As time passed Samuel didn’t think much more about it until last year when he received a call asking if he could give some blood samples to confirm a possible match. Fast forward to May this year, Samuel received another phone call asking for further blood samples and shortly after they confirmed he was a match for someone with blood cancer.

Samuel then travelled to UCH London for a medical examination, and then later donated via peripheral blood stream collection. This collection method involves a cannula in each arm where blood is taken out through one arm, filtered for the stem cells and then returned into the donor’s other arm. This process took around seven hours from start to finish with minimal side effects.

Alongside, Samuel has also raised £820 for the charity to which £250 was kindly donated by Puffin Produce, where Samuel currently works as an apprentice.

“Anthony Nolan are a great charity, and they cover all costs associated with the medical donation, such as any unpaid time off work, food, travel etc. They are desperate for males aged 16-24 to sign up for their register, so I’d say to anyone, if you’re medically able, then do so! Everyone is born with the ability to influence other people’s lives but donating stem cells gives you the chance to save someone else’s life, and that is the best feeling in the world.” said Samuel.

Samuel is hoping to become an engineer on a full-time basis after he finishes his apprenticeship with Puffin Produce.

Samuel’s assessor, Mike Ashworth, expressed how inspiring Samuel is: “Samuel has impressed me with his academic achievements, and his work ethic in Puffin. His stem cell donations for the Anthony Nolan Trust and his fundraising efforts are truly inspiring. He is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

The Anthony Nolan charity are actively seeking donor’s particularly from males aged 16-24. To find out more please visit:

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