College Governance

In accordance with the Further and Higher Education (Governance and Information) Act 2014, each College of Further Education is required to have a Governing Body. The Governing Body of the College is known as the Corporation Board. The Corporation Board is accountable for setting the educational character, mission and strategic direction of the College and oversees its activities and performance. The Board is also accountable for the proper use of public funds entrusted to it.

The Corporation Board’s governance structure includes the establishment of a “Membership Body” to further develop relationships with businesses, schools, voluntary organisations and the wider public and encourage greater community participation and integration with the College. This Body is known as the Pembrokeshire College Advisory Forum. The Pembrokeshire College Advisory Forum will meet each term and will act as an advisory/consultative Body and where appropriate will make recommendations to the Corporation Board.

The College operates within Instrument and Articles of Government.

Instrument & Articles of Government – English / Welsh

Calendar of Meetings –  English / Welsh


Iwan Thomas
Chair of the Corporation Board
Marc Blockwell
Steven Richard Downes
Prof John Gammon
Dylan Harries
Dylan Harries
Jon Haswell
Andy Jones
Graham Morgan
Helen Murray
Caroline Oakley MBE
Andrew Phillips
Cllr Cris Tomos
Louise Wilkinson
Steve Evans
Staff Member
Charlie Royal
Staff Member
Ava Thomas
Tomos Davies
Dr Barry Walters

Catherine Freeman

Governance Officer
Phone: 01437 753 315