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Used fabric given a new lease of life

Life Skills Academy learners involved in the project

Transforming used bed runners to blankets was part of an ongoing partnership between Bluestone National Park Resort and Pembrokeshire College to ensure surplus items are repurposed.

Bluestone recently donated a large number of high-quality bed runners to Pembrokeshire College with the aim of recycling the fabric to extend its life and usability.

Learners from the College’s Life Skills Academy, and Pembrokeshire College staff with an interest in sewing, or in learning to sew, were recruited to start upcycling the runners into single and double sized blankets as well as mats and bandanas for dogs and cats.

Learners were initially taught the basic sewing skills of cutting, measuring, pinning and tacking to create the new products. When they were ready for sewing, staff and a number of the learners were then able to use the College sewing machines to put the finishing touches to the items.

Marten Lewis, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Bluestone Resort commented: “Bluestone is proud to be part of this cross-sector project to support local charities.

“We donate many items we no longer require or are surplus to requirements for recycling or upcycling where possible. These include food, sofas, TVs, furniture, and bedding.

“On this occasion, we had 1,000 surplus bed runners. Seven hundred were directed to the local community through Pembrokeshire FRAME and 300 were donated to Norman Industries and Pembrokeshire College to support this project.”

The College thanks Bluestone for this opportunity to teach College learners not only sewing skills, but also the importance of recycling rather than sending to landfill.

The finished blankets are being donated to Pembrokeshire Action for the Homeless (PATH) for distribution with the mats and bandanas going to animal charities or rescue centres.

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