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  • Cropped image of young hands holding an older hand.

    Health and Social Care

    It is the Welsh Government’s ambition to develop a skilled health and social care workforce, which is highly regarded as a profession and a career of choice, and recognised for the vital role the Health and Social Care sector plays in supporting individuals throughout their life.

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  • Woman talking in older woman.

    Health and Social Care: Core

    This is a qualification developed for individuals working in, or intending to work, in the health and social care sector.

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  • Traditional fire pit stove and pots.


    The study of History at A-level provides you with a fascinating opportunity to study some of the most significant events of the past – some of which have shaped the world in which we live today.

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  • Vegetables, herbs and garlic on chopping board.


    This course is designed to equip you with basic practical skills in customer care, hospitality and catering. You will learn in the College’s kitchen and restaurant where you will be serving members of the public as well as undertaking theory sessions in the classroom.

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  • Hospitality Course


    The hospitality industry is a diverse sector that offers lots of job opportunities across the UK and internationally.  From an independent coffee shop to luxury hotels and cruise liners, the industry needs trained chefs and customer-focused front of house professionals to meet the growing demands of the sectors many employers.

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  • Sirl smiling while using laptop at table with other students in library.

    Information Technology

    Are you interested in developing your information technology skills by using a more practical approach? Do you want to learn more about websites, computer programs, digital graphics, digital communication and solving technical IT problems?

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  • Guinea pig looking up.

    Land-based Studies (Animal Care)

    This course is designed for individuals who want to develop their skills and knowledge to allow them to work with animals in the future.

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  • Lady planting seeds outside.

    Land-based Studies (Countryside)

    This course is aimed at you if you have an interest in working outdoors to maintain the countryside, parks and gardens. You may be new to countryside work or have some knowledge and basic skills.

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  • Close up of brass scales of justice.


    The law affects every person every day of their lives in some form or another, whether it’s licensing fees for our television, consumer law when we buy something from a shop or not being discriminated against because of our age or ethnicity. The law is much more familiar to us than we think.

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  • Life Skills Academy

    Life Skills Academy – Pathway 4 Employment

    Following the Colegau Cymru Pathway 4 non-accredited programme, Pathway 4 will prepare learners for the world of work. Learners will continue to improve their literacy, numeracy and digital literacy skills as well as sector specific qualifications.  This is a one year supported internship programme and aims to set learners up for a successful transition into the world of work and future employment.

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  • Warsash maritime

    Maritime Studies – Foundation Cadetship

    This is a unique learning opportunity for those seeking a maritime career on land or sea. This is the only pre-maritime cadetship in Wales.

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  • Wooden numbers and mathematical signs.


    This course covers both Pure and Applied Mathematics and is a fantastic subject to have at A-level with it being widely acknowledged by both employers and universities. If it is a topic you have so far enjoyed then what better reason to continue studying it!

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