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Biology – GCSE

Biology – GCSE

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WJEC GCSE in Biology

There are plenty of reasons why you might wish to study GCSE Biology; whether it’s to get better qualifications for higher education, creating more avenues for a career, or simply for self-improvement – sitting your GCSEs in adulthood is always a fantastic way to gain new skills and bolster your CV.

Under 19 years may be eligible for a significant discount, and only pay 20% of the course fee – contact us to book your place on 0800 9 776 778

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Fees are per academic year, subject to change


Is this course right for me?

Created to inspire and challenge learners of all abilities, this course aims to help you to develop your curiosity about the natural world and give you an insight into how science works and an appreciation for the ways it is relevant to your everyday life.

Please note a WJEC GCSE Biology textbook is required for this course, this can be bought online, second hand or loaned from the library.

This course normally runs one evening per week, for 33 weeks, starting in September.

  • No formal entry requirements
  • Each application is considered on individual merit

You will study a broad range of subjects, designed to demonstrate your understanding, application and analysis of scientific ideas, techniques and procedures.

Units to be studied include:

  • Cells, Organ Systems and Ecosystems
  • Ecosystems, human impact on the environment
  • Classification and biodiversity
  • DNA and inheritance
  • Variation and evolution
  • Homeostasis
  • Microorganisms and disease

You will also carry out a range of practical work that will enhance your understanding of each topic and develop your skills of scientific thinking and analysis.

Examples of practical investigations:

  • Microscopy
  • Investigating enzyme action
  • Investigating variation in organisms
  • Dissection
  • Analysing the effect of antibiotics on bacterial growth
  • Investigating the energy content of foods

Learners are able to complete either the full qualification or certain units or elements through the medium of Welsh/bilingually. Visit our Welsh Language in the College page to find out what else is available to you.

  • Practical examination
  • Written examination

Access to A-level Science, to help meet the requirements for certain degree level courses.

  • Stationery - you will be told about any specific items before you start the course
  • Text books - you will be told about any specific items before you start the course, most text books are available to loan from the college library or online libraries

Any costs above are approximate and may change.

Any costs above are approximate and may change.

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