Pembrokeshire College, Merlins Bridge, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA61 1SZ


Happy Hedgehog Homes

A Pembrokeshire College project to design, fabricate, locate and monitor the use of hedgehog homes on an area of woodland has received funding from the National Education Union Pembrokeshire.

Within the grounds of the College’s main campus in Haverfordwest, a small area of woodland was identified as the perfect spot in which to increase biodiversity on the campus.

A site survey was undertaken which identified that a good baseline of biodiversity already existed with its own self-supporting eco-structure. It was recommended that the biodiversity could be further improved by the installation of conservation measures including supporting a suitable environment for threatened bird species and encouraging growth in hedgehog numbers.

Having held the Green Dragon Environmental Certification for more than a decade, the College was keen to take up these recommendations and set about supporting the physical environment both locally and in a wider context.

With a number of College staff already being involved with the Pembrokeshire Hogspital, and Life Skills Academy and Animal Management students keen to learn more about this species, it was felt that this was the perfect match.

The biodiversification project presents an excellent opportunity to develop learners’ education; build their knowledge of hedgehogs’ lifecycles and the type of environment they require; provide them with opportunities to develop their skills with hand tools; and provide a learning resource for observing and monitoring the growth of hedgehog numbers in and near the woodland whilst at the same time contributing to a more biodiverse campus.

A working group has already been established with the goal of achieving the Bronze level award of the ‘Hedgehog Friendly Campus’ scheme accredited by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society before aiming for the silver and gold awards.

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