Choosing to study your A-levels at Pembrokeshire College gives you the opportunity to focus on a suite of subjects that really interest you as well as building strong foundations for university or career progression. With industry standard facilities, and teaching staff with real industry experience, we are dedicated to unlocking your potential and equipping you with the skills and experience you will need to progress to further study or into employment.

Please check the AS Level Options Grid to see if the subjects fit into your chosen programme and make sure you know what grades you need to achieve to get your place.

If you are progressing or would like to apply for A2 level courses, you will need to achieve at least a D grade in your AS Level. You will select the subjects during your A2 level application.

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  • Cropped image of students studying information about Africa.

    Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales (ASBW)

    This course aims to enable learners to develop and demonstrate an understanding and proficiency in essential and employability skills. The emphasis is on applied and purposeful learning and to provide opportunities for assessment in a range of real-life context through three projects.

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  • Used paint brushes on painting.

    Art – Fine Art

    This course is intended for those who wish to explore the potential of drawing and painting through observed study. This can be an exhilarating and fast paced experience but it takes a committed attitude to learning and a trust in your lecturers’ advice.

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  • Two students studying biology, one looking in microscope and the other writing.


    So what is Biology? Put simply, it is the study of life and all the wonder that surrounds it.

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  • Two people writing project plan on board in office.

    Business Studies

    Plan on joining the world of work and industry? Whether it’s setting up your own small business or working for a global multinational, many of the key areas of understanding and useful skills are introduced within this course.

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  • Microscope and glass flasks in front of periodic table.


    We are surrounded by chemistry all day, every day. From the clothes we wear, to the food we eat and the vehicles we travel in, chemistry is an integral part of our lives.

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  • Man looking at digital tablet in front of network server rack.

    Computer Science

    Information Technology is one of the fastest growing global industries constantly expanding and evolving. This rapid growth has led to a high demand for individuals who can produce tomorrow’s technologies.

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  • Students performing on stage with teachers watching in background.

    Drama and Theatre Studies

    A-level Drama is an exciting exploration of drama and theatre. The course has a strong focus on practical dramatic skills as well as textual analysis and gives learners a well rounded insight into what it takes to be a professional actor.

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  • Street sign for Wall Street.


    A-level Economics will provide you with a coherent combination of microeconomic and macroeconomic content that will help you to develop an understanding of economic concepts and theories through a critical consideration of current economic issues and institutions that affect everyday life.

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  • Old books.

    English Language and Literature

    This course aims to encourage you to develop your interest and enjoyment of English language and literature through reading widely, independently and critically.

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  • Woman reading a book on a balcony.

    English Literature

    A-level English Literature involves the detailed study of plays, novels and poetry across a range of genres and eras.

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  • Two young woman sitting with the Eiffel Tower in the background.


    The A-level in French provides an engaging and exciting opportunity for you to build on your previous study of French.

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  • Close up of a Romanesco broccoli as an example of the Fibonacci sequence.

    Further Mathematics

    Aimed at able mathematicians who have a real passion for the subject and want to take up additional, in depth modules.

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