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Computing and Digital Technology

Computing and Digital Technology

Computer Course

Computing and Digital Technology

OCR Level 2 Computing and Digital Technology

Computing and digital skills are essential in almost every industry and business.

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This course focuses on the job role of a software practitioner across a range of sectors including cyber security, website creation, mobile applications and games creation. Learners will also explore programming languages and the contexts in which these may be used.

  • Three GCSEs at grade D or above (may include one relevant equivalent) to include English Language/First Language Welsh and Mathematics/Numeracy
  • Each application is considered on individual merit
  • Entry is subject to attending a course information session or informal interview
  • Successful completion of relevant Level 1 programme with a merit grade or above in addition to a successful decision from progression board meeting
  • Two GCSEs at grade D or above (or evidence of improvement from internal GCSE assessments or Skills) to include English Language/First Language Welsh and Mathematics/Numeracy

Units covered will be:

Essentials of IT
The IT solutions that businesses use in the modern world are made up of many different component parts including PCs, PCs that are linked together to form a network, devices and wearable technologies that are attached to the PC or the network via the cloud and the internet.
This is a mandatory externally assessed unit.

Essentials of Cyber Security
With so much data and information being stored on computer systems, the need for security is more important than ever. Learners will gain knowledge and understanding of some of the threats and vulnerabilities that can have an impact on individuals and organisations and the measures that can be used to protect against a cyber-security attack.
This is a mandatory externally assessed unit.

Creating programming solutions for business
Learners will explore programming languages and the contexts in which these may be used. They will also plan a business solution using a programming language, create the program using an appropriate development environment, test the program and reflect on the program created.

Pitching the product
Learn about pitching a product to a client and the different communication methods used to pitch products to stakeholders.

Using emerging technologies
Looking at features and potential uses of emerging technologies, for example, wearables, AI, VR, AR, 3D printing, 5G and robotics. Learners will consider how emerging technologies can be used to support businesses and explain the benefits and drawbacks of these technologies. and be able to identify future impacts from the application of these new technologies.

Creating websites
Providing the knowledge and skills required to create basic websites to meet business needs – to design, create or modify website components.

Creating mobile applications for business
Mobile technology is becoming more and more prevalent within society both from a personal point of view as well as within business. Learners will gain an understanding of the uses of mobile applications for business and plan, create, update and improve mobile applications.

Games creation
Game design is a popular area within the industry that continues to develop new concepts and technologies, attracting a much wider diverse audience with multiple requirements for multiple platforms. Learners will have the opportunity to use the fundamentals of game design, acquiring the skills to produce games from game designs and explore how to enhance the games by incorporating additional features.

You may need to study an additional skills course depending on:
  • the course you are taking at College
  • what grades you gained in your GCSE Maths and/or English Language
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Learners are able to complete either the full qualification or certain units or elements through the medium of Welsh/bilingually. Visit our Welsh Language in the College page to find out what else is available to you.

  • Continuous assessment during the course
  • Online examination

Progression is possible onto Level 3 courses in a related discipline such as the Level 3 Computing course. This course will enable students to enter employment at trainee level within a wide range of Information and Communication Technology environments.

  • Stationery - you will be told about any specific items before you start the course
  • A memory stick/a small portable USB hard drive
  • You may be eligible for funding. Find out more on our student finance page

Any costs above are approximate and may change.

  • No tuition fee
  • We are waiving the Administration Fee for the academic year 2024/25
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Any costs above are approximate and may change.

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